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Pre-Chilled Tulip Bulb Sale Questions & Answers

Our 2022 Pre-Chilled Tulip Bulb Pre-Sale launches September 9th! We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions to help you prepare. Get all the details below!


What is a pre-chilled or pre-cooled tulip bulb?

Tulips are spring-flowering bulbs that need a prolonged period of cold temperature to grow and bloom properly. In most of the United States, this cold period is provided naturally by a winter spent planted outside in the ground. However, bulbs planted in warmer regions of the country in growing zones 11-7b including the Deep South, the desert Southwest, and most of California do not get the cold temperature they need because the outdoor ambient temperature and soil temperatures in the winter are warmer than what the tulip bulb requires for proper bud and flower development.

To reach their proper flowering development, they must be given time pre-cooling at (34-45 degrees) by placing in a refrigerator (not a freezer) for 6 to 12 weeks before planting. Bulbs that don’t get sufficient chilling will have stunted growth, shorter stems and deformed flowers. We’ve done that pre-chilling for you here on our farm in our temperature and humidity controlled coolers.


When is the best time to plant pre-chilled tulip bulbs?

Our bulbs have received the minimum amount of chill time for successful flower development. You can plant immediately upon receipt of your order or you can place in a cool, dark well ventilated location (34-50 degrees F) for an additional few weeks. Ideal planting for our pre-chilled bulbs is when you receive them late November through December. We recommend planting no later than January 1st.


How does your pre-chilled tulip bulb program work?

Pre-chilled tulip bulbs will be available for pre-sale purchase on our website on September 1, 2022 at 9:00am PT. UPDATE: Revised sale date September 9th at 9:00am PT.Orders will ship in late November and early December, depending on your location and the type of bulbs in your order. This ensures that your bulbs have received sufficient chill time and will arrive on your doorstep ready to plant!


When will the 2022 Menagerie Pre-Chilled Tulip Bulb Collection go on sale?

Pre-chilled tulip bulbs will be available for pre-sale purchase on our website on September 1, 2022 at 9:00am PT. UPDATE: Revised sale date September 9th at 9:00am PT. 


If a variety says “Sold Out” what does that mean?

Varieties currently marked as “Sold Out” will be available to purchase on September 9, 2022. They are available to view on our website prior to the sale so that customers can preview the collection and make their wishlists in preparation for the release.


What tulip bulb varieties are available for purchase?

Our Pre-Chilled Tulip Bulb Collection can be viewed on our website. This is a great resource for creating your wish list for our upcoming sale.

If you do not find the variety you are looking for listed on our website, it will not be available in our 2022 Collection.

We recommend joining our mailing list to receive updates on all things tulip bulbs, including what varieties are in our 2022 Pre-Chilled Tulip Bulb Collection as well as when they will be available for purchase.

Do you have wholesale pricing for your pre-chilled tulip bulbs?

We do not offer wholesale pricing for our pre-chilled tulip bulbs or volume discounts on purchasing.



Some of the product descriptions say “Pre-Order” What does that mean?

Products marked as “Pre-Order” will be available to purchase on September 1, 2022 at 9:00am PT.  UPDATE: Revised sale date September 9th at 9:00am PT. 


How do I create a wishlist?

You can click on the add to wishlist button on each product page to create your own personal list for shopping. We also recommend creating your wish list on paper, spreadsheet or other document as a back-up before the launch date to ensure a speedy checkout.


Will items in my cart be held for me? 
Products are removed from our inventory as purchases are completed, not as they are added to your shopping cart. We recommend having your wish list ready so that you are able to check out as quickly as possible. 



Are pre-chilled tulip bulbs available for shipping?

Yes! Make sure to select “Shipping” at check-out. Shipping fees are calculated at check-out; preview your shipping cost by visiting your shopping cart after adding items. Due to restrictions on the export of plant materials, we do not ship tulip bulbs outside of the United States.


When will my tulip bulbs ship?

Orders will ship in late November and early December, depending on your location and the type of bulbs in your order. This ensures that your bulbs have received sufficient chill time in our temperature and humidity controlled coolers by the time they arrive on your doorstep.


Where is your farm & nursery located?

Our farm & plant nursery is located in Live Oak, in the beautiful Sacramento Valley of Northern California (95953). We're nestled at the base of the smallest mountain range in the world, the Sutter Buttes. The exact address of The Nursery will be provided after you book your pick-up appointment for your tulip order.


Can I pick up my tulip order at the farm?

Tulip bulb orders will be available for pick-up at our farm nursery in Live Oak, California (95953) on Saturday, November 19, 2022 and Saturday, November 26, 2022 ONLY.If you select farm pick-up at check-out, you will receive an email in November with the exact farm address and pick-up instructions.If you are not able to pick up your order on either date, please select shipping at check-out and have your tulip bulbs sent direct to your doorstep. If you select nursery pick-up and are not be able to pick-up your order by Saturday, November 26th, we will ship your order to you for an additional shipping fee.


How do I schedule a pick-up appointment for my order?

In November, you’ll receive an email with a LINK to schedule your pick-up appointment on November 19th & 26th and pick-up instructions. If you do not see a date or appointment time listed, we no longer have time slots available.


I have multiple orders. Do I need to schedule a pick-up appointment for each order?

You are welcome to pick up multiple orders during one pick-up appointment. When scheduling your appointment, please include all order numbers on your pick-up selection form. If you place an additional order after your pick-up has been scheduled, please email us at to let us know.


Can I tour the farm during my pick-up appointment?

In November, our rose fields are closed to visitors for the season and we are not leading any farm tours during drive-thru order pick-up appointments. We appreciate your understanding of our pick-up policy. You are welcome to step outside the immediate vicinity of your vehicle, stretch your legs and snap photos of the rose field. If you are interested in a tour of the farm, we invite you to purchase a ticket to one of our farm events or schedule a 1:1 on-farm tour/eduction session with Felicia.



Can I change my order?

Unfortunately, once your order is placed we are not able to process any changes. If you would like to order additional items you will need to place another order.

What are the planting and care instructions for my pre-chilled tulip bulbs?

Find Felicia’s best tips for planting & care on each tulip bulb product page.


I’m new to tulip growing. What varieties do you recommend?

Due to the large volume of questions we receive in our inbox, we are unable to make personalized recommendations for each customer. However, on each tulip product page, you will find helpful information for choosing varieties for your garden, including colors, height, and classification. Our collection is carefully selected by Felicia so any tulip in the collection you’re sure to love. They are the same varieties we grow and love on our farm perfect for warm weather regions!

If you would like more information on growing, tips, and tricks, we highly recommend joining The Menagerie Academy, our online learning community. Felicia answers member questions each week.

If you’re interested in a more personalized education and recommendations you can schedule a virtual or on-farm 1:1 Coaching Session/Tour with Felicia. To learn more and book your session click here.

We also host workshops at the farm which include educational training and tours of the farm. You can view all of our seasonal workshops & events and purchase tickets on our website.

We invite you to follow along our farm journey on Instagram (@menagerieflower) and Facebook where we post information about our varieties and helpful tips about our roses, flowers, fruits and farm products. Felicia’s weekly Instagram series, Farm Tour Friday,is also a great source for growing info where she answers questions about growing roses. You can view past episodes on video tab from our Instagram profile page.


Can I return my pre-chilled tulip bulbs?
We do not accept returns or exchanges for tulip bulb purchases. To learn more, please visit our refund policy page.



If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, please drop us a note. We can’t wait to send tulip bulbs your way!


This post may contain affiliate links. I make a small commission if you purchase a product from the link. I only recommend products I love and use in hopes they will help you too! 

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